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The science behind Ora's design

Our cylindrical shape is more than aesthetics; it’s based on ergonomic principles, offering a natural, upright position, improving comfort and blood circulation for our plungers. A large 400L+ water capacity surpasses conventional design, resulting in a product that is larger than those of other single-person ice bath brands. The Ora ice bath also features a patented step design which houses the cooling unit for a more streamlined profile and additional protection from weather.

Stylish wood barrel frame

Handcrafted red cedar wood frame combines elegance with durability for a standout aesthetic.

Durable steel ice bath

Resilient steel construction weathers all elements, maintaining efficiency and longevity.

Cools to 3 degrees

Achieve an arctic chill down to 3 degrees for the ultimate cold plunge experience.

Ozone filtration system

Our ozone filtration system ensures the water is of the cleanest and highest quality.

Touch sensitive temperature control

Easily adjust your bath's temperature with a simple touch or via our smart-phone app.

Plug in and go

Seamless setup with our 'plug in and go' system ensures you're ready for the plunge without delay.

Designed to let your body do the work

Stainless steel bath enclosed in red cedar wood

Ozone sterilization + filtering system

Touch Sensitive external chiller

App controlled WiFi capabled

Cools to 3 degrees

Plug in and go

improves mood and
mental health

Elevate your experiences with our thoughtfully crafted brews, tailored to create unforgettable memories.

better recovery and

Cold therapy reduces muscle soreness and pain by constricting blood flow to muscle, reducing swelling and muscle spasms.

reduces inflamation

Cold therapy reduces inflammation throughout the body and boosts the immune system through stimulation of the vagus nerve.

Increases metabolism

Cold therapy increases metabolism up to 350% as the body has to burn fat and sugar to increase core body temperature

Ora luxury ice bath


Introducing the Ora ice bath – a fusion of sophistication and functionality, meticulously designed for people who value health and wellness. Embrace the ultimate in cooling luxury with its exquisite wood barrel frame and robust steel inlay, delivering rejuvenation after every plunge.

cooling unit


Adjust the temperature of your Ora ice bath cooling unit with ease using our touch-sensitive control panel. You can also download our app, which allows you to adjust the temperature through your smartphone device.

chill out with Ora ice bath

Watch as individuals from all walks of life take the plunge into icy waters, experiencing the rejuvenating power of cold immersion.

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Learn more about how Ora ice bath cold therapy can change your mental and physical health.

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Learn about the history of ice baths

Uncover the fascinating history of ice baths, from ancient rituals to modern wellness practices and everything in between.

luxury at its coldest

Expertly crafted, functional, luxury ice baths. Experience life below zero in your own space in your own time.

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Science Behind the Chill

Unlock the Power of Cold Therapy

Dive into the science of cold water immersion—activating your body's natural defenses to enhance circulation and speed up recovery. Discover why colder is better for your overall health and well-being.

Benefits of Upright Immersion:

Experience the advantages of upright immersion in an ice bath. This posture promotes better posture and deeper breathing, while engaging core muscles for a dynamic, full-body response. Unleash the potential of your physique with every plunge.

Hydrostatic Pressure Explained:

Feel the gentle yet effective pressure of water in our ice baths. Hydrostatic pressure reduces swelling, enhances circulation, and supports your joints and muscles. This natural compression helps your body heal and rejuvenate more efficiently.

Full-Body Benefits:

Submerge in our ice baths for comprehensive health enhancements. Experience improved mental clarity and mood, a stronger immune system, and reduced inflammation. Each session offers a profound impact on physical and mental wellness.

Optimal Use Tips:

Maximize the benefits of your ice bath with these simple guidelines: immerse for 3-5 minutes to start, gradually increase exposure, and aim for regular sessions. This routine ensures the best results for health and recovery.